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Did you know that a group of geese flying in a 'V' formation is called a Wedge, a group of sharks is called a Shiver and a group of Rhinoceros is called a Crash?

But what is a Murder, a Mischief, a Parliament?


The male of the donkey is a Jack while the female is a Jenny.

So, who are Billy, Jill, Tom and Joey?


Below is a list of just a few of the species in the animal kingdom.

Search for your favourite animal and find out some of the terms used to describe them.

Species Male Female Baby Group
Alligator Bull Cow Hatchling Congregation
Antelope Buck Doe Calf Herd
Ape Male Female Baby Shrewdness
Badger Boar Sow Kit, Cub Cete
Bat Male Female Pup Colony
Bear Boar Sow Cub Sleuth, sloth
Bee Drone Queen, worker Larva Swarm (in flight), Bike
Bird Cock Hen Hatchling, chick Fleet, flight, flock, parcel, pod
Buffalo Bull Cow Calf Gang, herd
Butterfly Male Female Caterpillar, larva, pupa, chrysalis Swarm, rabble (of caterpillars)
Camel Bull Cow Calf Flock
Cat Tomcat Queen Kitten Clutter, litter (of kittens), kindle (kittens)
Cattle Bull Cow Calf Drift, drove, herd, mob
Cheetah Male Female Cub Coalition
Chicken Rooster Hen chick, pullet (young hen), cockerel (young rooster) Flock, brood (of hens), clutch or peep (of chicks)
Crane Male Female Chick Herd, sedge, siege
Crow Cock Hen Chick Murder, muster
Deer Buck, stag Doe Fawn Herd, mob
Dinosaur Bull Cow Hatchling, juvenile Herd (of plant-eaters), pack (of meat-eaters)
Dog Dog Bitch Pup Litter (of pups), pack (wild), kennel
Dolphin Bull Cow Pup, calf Herd, pod, school
Donkey Jack, jackass Jennet, Jenny Colt, foal Drove, herd
Dove Cock Hen Squab, chick Dole, flight, piteousness
Duck Drake Duck Duckling Brace, bunch, flock, paddling, raft, team
Elephant Bull Cow Calf Herd, parade
Ferret Hob Jill Kit Business
Fish Male Female Fry, fingerling Draft, run, school, shoal
Fly Male Female Maggot Cloud, swarm
Fox Reynard Vixen Kit, cub, pup Skulk, leash
Frog Male Female Tadpole, polliwog, froglet Army, knot
Giraffe Bull Cow Calf Herd, corps, tower, group
Goat Buck, billy Doe, nanny Kid Herd, tribe, trip
Goose Gander Goose Gosling Flock, gaggle, skein (only while in flight), wedge
Gorilla Male Female Infant Band
Guinea Pig Boar Sow Pup Group
Gull Cock Hen Chick Colony
Hare Buck Doe Leveret Down, husk, warren
Horse Stallion Stud Mare, dam Foal, colt (male),       filly (female) Stable, harras, herd, team (working horses), string or field (race horses)
Hound Dog Bitch Pup Cry, mute, pack
Human Male Female Baby Clan, crowd, family, community, gang, mob, tribe...
Jellyfish Male Female Ephyna Smack
Kangaroo Buck, boomer, jack Doe, flyer, jill, roo Joey Troop, herd, mob
Koala Male Female Joey ?
Lion Lion Lioness Cub Pride
Magpie Cock Hen Chick Tribe, charm, gulp, flock, murder
Monkey Male Female Infant Troop, cartload
Mosquito Male Female Lnymph, wriggler, tumbler Swarm
Mouse Buck Doe Pup, pinkie, kitten Horde, mischief
Owl Male Female Owlet Parliament
Oyster Male Female Spat Bed
Parrot Cock Hen Chick Company, flock
Penguin Male Female Chick Rookery
Pig Boar Sow Piglet, shoat, farrow Drove, herd, litter (of piglets), sounder
Pigeon Cock Hen Squab, squeaker Flock, kit
Rabbit Buck Doe Kitten, bunny, kit Colony, drove, leash, nest, trace, warren
Rat Buck Doe Pup, pinkie, kitten Horde, mischief
Rhinoceros Bull Cow Calf Crash
Seal Bull Cow Pup Herd, pod, rookery, harem
Shark Bull Female Pup School, shiver
Sheep Buck, ram Ewe, dam Lamb, lambkin, cosset Drift, drove, flock, herd, mob, trip
Snake Male Female Snakelet, neonate (newly-born) Bed, nest, pit
Spider Male Female Spiderling ?
Squirrel Buck Doe Pup, kit, kitten Dray
Swan Cob Pen Cygnet, flapper Bevy, game, herd, team, wedge
Tiger Tiger Tigress Cub, whelp Ambush, streak
Toad Male Female Tadpole Knot
Turkey Tom Hen Poult Rafter
Turtle Male Female Hatchling Bale
Wasp Drone Queen, worker Larva Colony
Whale Bull Cow Calf Grind, herd, pod, school
Wolf Dog Bitch Pup, whelp Pack, rout
Wombat Jack Jill Joey Mob

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